You can automate
and reduce the time accounting
for delegation by 80%
full automation of process of settlement,
simplicity and intuitiveness
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About us

We provide modern solution for HR
We build electronic tools for time evidence and archiving of documents

Our tool makes your office paperless.
We offer precision working time recording in Timesheet.
Our duty rosters support process of time planning. We deliver online reporting.

During designing process we were focused on goals: make onPoint simply, Intuitive, inexpensive and effective tool which will be standard in our companies in a short time.

We would like to invite you to check out our products.

Who are we working for?

We are dealing with the SSC/BPO sector. Among our clientes there are service and trade entities. Our tools support couple of thousands of employees.

Few of our clients are:

We offer

Paperless Office

We make your office paperless. Instead of paper request of holiday and paper timesheets and duty roster we offer electronic correspondent. onPoint means immediately workflow.


OnPoint is Software as a Service. OnPoint provides twenty four hours, all around the world access to data. Now you do not miss any information.

Fast Access To The Data

Online workflow. Immediately access to report for mangers. Access to data from business trip or home office. That’s the onPoint.

Simplicity and intuitive

Designing onPoint we were focused on simply and intuitive interface. Our clients found these quality very attractive.

No investment outlays
Quick implementation

What do we need to use onPoint? Access to internet network and any browser. You can use onPoint based on your current IT infrastructure. That’s why implementation is very quick and takes from 2 weeks to one month.

Budget Price

Using onPoint you can buy only part of service which brings your company truly benefits. Price starts from few polish zloty per month and depends on number of your employees and services you have bought. There are no hiden surcharges. You work always on latest version of software which is lawful.

onPoint Products


Managment of absents;
Electronic vacation-request System;
Previsour and current usage of leave-time;
Absences and medical excuses;
Records and graphics of work-time;
Different types of word-time records;
Graphics of work-time;
Compatibility to law provisions;
Extended reports;

Document’s flow

Busines's trips;
Submission, approval and settlement of a travel;
Start-up documentation;
Active forms, questionnaires, tests;
Co-sharing lists of tasks, delegations of tasks, timetables;
Base of documents and rulebooks;

Workspace sites

Interactive channel of information;
Decrees, messages, feedbacks;
Workplace’s structure;
Scheme of organisation, subordination;
Information on employee;
Contact information, absence information;

Soft HR

Base of qualification;
List of an employee qualifications, confirmations, trainings;
Evaluation of an employee;
Forms of an employee’s evaluations;


Electronic folder of an employee;
Part A, B, C and additional information;
Direct access to employees’ documents;

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