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Every 4th employee wish to work from home!

According to research, of companies which analyze employment markets, every 4th employee wants to work from their homes, and 40% of them – wants to work based on elastic time-system.

Task work system is a form of elastic time-system, where the employer entrust to the employee tasks to complete. The employee, with expected care, shall execute those tasks within fixed time. What does it mean, in practice?

  1. The employment, within the task-oriented work-system, can be employed as a part timer e.g ½ of job-time . It is accepted, that the time needed to execute those task shall not exceed 8h (per day) and 40h (a week) as in 5-day-work-week.
  2. For the tasks that take up more time (than established), the employee shall receive salary as if working over-time. Such point of view is consisted with the judgment of the Supreme Court on the 4th of August 1999y. sygn. Akt I PKN 181/99.

Within task work system, the employees set up their work schedule by themselves. They do not record their work-time, only the absences. The employer  oversight promptness and precision of completed tasks, and later on, approves over-time if occurred.

The task work system is a modern form of employment, and it allows the employees to manage their work-time better, and for employers – concentrate on works’ effects only.

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