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Which country gets the most…days off?

Holidays that are legally non-working days are always something the employees are looking forward to, as they allow them to take some time off without, well, taking time off. Of course, the favorite ones are always the ones that allow having a “long weekend”.

Employers are less fond of them, since a non-working day typically means a standstill in the company. But are Polish employers really at a disadvantage? Let’s see how Poland compares to other countries.


According to this list, Wales and England can proudly be named the most hardworking nations, having an extra day of rest only 8 days a year. Slovakia is the country that rests the most, with as much as 15 legal non-working days. The situation in Poland seems comfortable enough – 13 non-working days means only 5 European Union countries have more free time than us.

And how does the situation look like outside the UE? Hard-working Chinese have 8 legal non-working days, and United States citizens get 10. It has to be kept in mind that many states also have their own, additional holidays.

Remember, that according to polish law the employer has to issue an extra non-working day for a holiday that takes place on Saturday. There are two cases of this in 2015 – Armed Forces Day takes place on August 15th, and the second day of Christmas – December 26th. Sadly, there are no such cases in 2016.